• Brady Dunlap

Real Life Adventure of The Brady

It was the beginning of 2020 and COVID-19 was creeping into our lives quicker than we could have ever imagined. I had just retired from my 10-year career of working from home providing technical customer support for Microsoft & Apple; I wanted something new.

For the longest time I had dreamed of owning my own business. I would spend a lot of time at night laying in bed, thinking about what business I could start and how I could fund it. Google didn't make it any easier for me, since it's littered with repetitive information about easy ways to make money & that's not at all what I wanted.

Sure, I wanted something simple that was also lucrative, but I'm not one to be afraid of hard work. Growing up I used to watch my father cut cords of wood just to put food on the table. He taught me that you always earn your keep by the sweat of your brow, so I live my life by that motto now that he's gone (Hi, Dad!).

So after retiring from my much hated, but much appreciated work-from-home career, I landed a job at a local forest products mill. They pay was better, the hours were sufficient, but they start you out working graveyard shifts to fill the demand for workers, so that was something I wasn't used to. It didn't last long though, as March 2020 rolled through & I was laid off due to COVID-19 and had to re-evaluate and re-adjust yet again.

Come April 26th, 2020, FRESHCAR LLC is established and in full operation. I made a few decisions that would allow me to cover my initial startup and invest in marketing right away, that way I could begin re-investing profits almost immediately to start growing rapidly.

2-months into business and we are officially a profitable business with no debts; amazing! It's ironic how changing careers and making major positive life decisions can be so agonizing and stressful, yet once you round that first corner into the land of business, the grass is truly greener and even eatable on the other side (don't eat grass, it's not tasty).

We're now 6-months into this amazing adventure and we have big plans for FRESHCAR LLC and our wonderful community of Coos County, Oregon. Thank you all!

We're currently running a Winter Sale promotion for an 8-hour detail 25% off. Contact us for more details. We're also running an 8-Weeks-of-Christmas promotion with 105.9 The Legend to give away one full 8-hour detail per week, for 8-weeks. Listen in for more details on how you can win a full 8-hour FRESHCAR LLC detail! Stay safe & stay happy, Everyone!

Brady Dunlap & The FRESHCAR LLC Family

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